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The 4 Cornerstones For Strategic Living gives every person a proven system (a blueprint) for constructing the life they desire. Brian Holmes’ no-nonsense strategy equips you with the tools you need to lay the foundations on which your dreams, hopes, potential, and successes can be built to last. As you learn about and work through each of the 4 Cornerstones (Personal Healing, Personal Discovery, Personal Development, and Personal Deployment), you’ll experience powerful breakthrough, exponential growth, and gain a clear, concise vision for your personal and professional paths.


The Ties that Bind is a powerful and insightful teaching concerning a topic that is little understood--SOUL TIES. Many people have unresolved areas which are wreaking havoc in their lives due to past relationships, places, events and entities. The Ties that Bind will take you on a journey into the soul and address the issues which keep you from experiencing the abundant life and freedom God has always intended. Let the journey begin!